The softest cowl

The softest cowl

– by Habitata, march 2009

Please respect the amount of work put into making a pattern. You may make this for your self, gifts and for charity, but not for sale and your own profit.  



Yarn: Rowan tapestry, et knapt nøste (50g)

Needles: either two doublepointed needles or a circular: 4mm


Cast on 25 stitches,or another number that gives you the width you seek…

All knitted rounds : Lift the first stitch of knitwise

All purled rounds:   Lift the first stitch of purlwise

1.round: Purl all stitches

2. omgang:First stitch lifted of knitwise, *yarn over, one stitch lifted from left to right needle knitwise, knit the two next stitches, lift the unknit stitch over the two knit stitches. *

3. omgang: Same as 1.round.

4.omgang: Knit as 2.round, make sure you put the yarn over between the two knit stitches on the last even number round. The first stitch on the needle will always be lifted of, but shall still be counted into the *..*Første maske tas fremdeles rett av, men regnes likevel med i *…*. (Here’s how to get it right without too much counting: look for first two knit stitches. Remember that the next yarn over should be between theese stitches, and count backwards until first stitch. )

Repeat round 1 to 4 until the piece measures 60cm, or approximately 15 inches.

Put your starting end over the other end. Sew on three buttons in each outer corner. Pull over your head and enjoy!

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